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Achievements (Steam)Edit

There is a total of 49 achievements that can be unlocked on steam. **Spoilers below**

List of achievementsEdit


Clear "HIT AND RUN." -Complete Chapter One



-Complete Chapter Two


Clear "BAD GROUND." -Complete Chapter Three


Clear "REFUSE AND RESIST." -Complete Chapter Four


Clear "INTELLIGENT ARTIFICE." -Complete Chapter Five


Clear "DENYING DESTINY." -Complete Chapter Six

Seek and DestroyEdit

Clear the swimming stage.

Water SliderEdit

Clear the giant slide.

Aquatic ChaseEdit

Clear the jet ski chase.

Runaway TruckEdit

Clear the truck chase.

All MembersEdit

Add each teammate to the party at least once. - There are 6  Non-playable Characters (NPC) that must be added to the party at least once.

  1. Rachael
  2. Charlie
  3. Big Bo (Roy Boateng)
  4. Faye
  5. Cain
  6. Shindo

A Private MomentEdit

See the love scene with Faye.

Big Bo RescueEdit

Save Big Bo from the Cerberus. - After defeating the Cerberus and before taking out the satellite dish, there is a cutscene which shows the Cerberus attacking Big Bo. After the cutscene, the player is allowed to backtrack a little to help Big Bo before taking out the satellite dish.

Comrades in ArmsEdit

Earn Big Bo's loyalty in "DENYING DESTINY." - Must build a high trust with Big Bo in order to get Big Bo to stay on your side.


Get onto the Grand Lancer's head.

- During the battle with the Grand Lancer in Chapter 2-1, there will be 2 building that the player can enter. One of them has acess to the roof of the building. From that roof, players can jump onto the Grand Lancer. **The option is only available after one of the selected party member asks BASE for intel on Grand Lancers.

Spider KillerEdit

Destroy all of the Spider's legs.

- During the battle with the Spider (Boss - Chapter 2-2), blast off the armor around it's leg (using the launcher which is nearby) to reveal it's drive. The drive can be destroyed with the assault rifle but there will be ammo for the launcher around for that as well. Make sure to defeat this boss by taking out it's legs and not it's core which is in belly.


Destroy all enemies with the mobile gun battery.


Hit the jackpot on a vending machine. - Based on luck, will happen sooner or later.

Transport TakedownEdit

Destroy the Iron Whale's four engines.

Smash MasterEdit

Get 50 smash bonuses in Campaign. - Use melee attack to get smash bonuses

Headshot MasterEdit

Get 50 headshot bonuses in Campaign.

One-Shot MasterEdit

Get 50 one-shot bonuses in Campaign.


Use first-aid kits to revive teammates 10 times.

A Friend IndeedEdit

Purchase nanomachines for a teammate.


Spend 10,000 credits at vending machines.

Assault Shooter KillerEdit

Destroy 100 Assault Shooters in Campaign.


Get enemies to kill each other 50 times.

Weapon CrafterEdit

Upgrade a weapon.


Fully upgrade one weapon category.

Big Bo: Max TrustEdit

Earn maximum trust with Big Bo.

Faye: Max TrustEdit

Earn maximum trust with Faye.

Charlie: Max TrustEdit

Earn maximum trust with Charlie.

Rachael: Max TrustEdit

Earn maximum trust with Rachael.

Cain: Max TrustEdit

Earn maximum trust with Cain.

Shindo: Max TrustEdit

Earn maximum trust with Shindo.

Data CollectorEdit

Collect 20 SECURITY-COM in Campaign. - Refer to  Data Retrieval Complete achievement

Rust CrewEdit

Clear all chapters on SURVIVOR Mode.


Clear all chapters on NO MERCY Mode.


Clear the car chase.

Multi-Kill MasterEdit

Get 50 multi-kill bonuses in Campaign.

Shop MasterEdit

Access all shopping terminals.

Binary Domain - All Shopping Terminal Locations08:20

Binary Domain - All Shopping Terminal Locations


Data Retrieval CompleteEdit

Collect all SECURITY-COM in Campaign.

Binary Domain - All SECURITY-COM Locations13:04

Binary Domain - All SECURITY-COM Locations


Skill MasterEdit

Get all nanomachines within 1 playthrough in Campaign.

Binary Domain - All Nanomachine Locations03:11

Binary Domain - All Nanomachine Locations

First VictoryEdit

Win an online vs. match with any rule set.

Still AliveEdit

Clear a stage in INVASION mode.

Resistance HeroEdit

Clear all stages in INVASION mode.


Win an Online vs. match with all rule sets.

Veteran SoldierEdit

Reach level 50 Online.

Challenge MasterEdit

Clear all Online mode challenges.

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